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HIH Prince Fushimi Hiroyoshi

BORN : 8 DEC 1897, Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 19 OCT 1938, Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : Fleet Admiral HIH Prince Fushimi Hiroyasu [16 OCT 1875 - 16 AUG 1946]
MOTHER : HIH Princess Tokugawa Tsuneko [23 SEP 1882 - 18 AUG 1939]

PARTNER : Princess Ichijo Tokiko [20 JUN 1902 - 1971]
Union: 23 DEC 1919, Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Princess Fushimi Mitsuko [28 JUL 1929 - ]
  2. HIH Prince Fushimi Hiroaki [26 JAN 1932 - ]
  3. HIH Princess Fushimi Yoshiko [14 FEB 1933 - 25 OCT 1937]
  4. HIH Princess Fushimi Ayako [11 FEB 1934 - ]

He graduated from the 45th class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in 1920, ranked first in a class of 89 cadets. He served his midshipman tour on the cruiser Iwate, and as a sub-Lieutenant on the battleships Fuso and Kawachi . After completing coursework in naval artillery and torpedo warfare, he served as a crewman on Kongo, Hyuga, Kirishima and Hiei. After completing advanced training in torpedo warfare, he was assigned as Chief Torped o officer on the destroyers Shimakaze, Numakaze, and cruisers Izumo and Naka. On 10 December 1928, he received his first command, the destroyer Kaba. He was subsequently captain of the destroyers Yomogi , Kamikaze, and Amagiri. In 1933, the Prince was promoted to commander and became executive officer on the cruiser Naka, followed by the minelayer Itsukushima. In 1936, Prince Fushimi became commander of the 3rd Destroy er Group, which was involved in combat in the Battle of Shanghai between Japanese and Chinese Nationalist forces during the opening stages of the Second Sino-Japanese War. On 25 September 1937, he was slightly injured in the Huangpu River durin g a bombardment operation. After recovery, he served as commander of the 6th Destroyer Group, assigned to patrols in the Yangtze River of China. In April 1938, he was assigned back to Japan, where he became the instructor of a Naval War College . On 19 October 1938, Prince Fushimi, who suffered from chronic asthma, died of myocardial infarction. His military rank was posthumously raised to captain.


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