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General HIH Prince Asaka Yasuhiko

BORN : 20 OCT 1887, Kyoto,Japan
DIED : 12 APR 1981, Atami,Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan

FATHER : HIH Prince Kuni Asahiko [27 FEB 1824 - 25 OCT 1891]
MOTHER : Lady Tsunoda Sugako

PARTNER : HIH Princess Nobuko (Fami-no-Miya) [7 AUG 1891 - 3 NOV 1933]
Union: 6 MAY 1909, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Princess Asaka Kikuko [12 SEP 1911 - 12 FEB 1989]
  2. HIH Prince Asaka Takahiko [8 OCT 1912 - 5 MAY 1994]
  3. Marquess Asaka Tadahito [4 JAN 1914 - JAN 1944]
  4. HIH Princess Asaka Kiyoko [2 AUG 1919 - ]

1st Prince Asaka-no-miya [cr. 10.3.1906]
He renounced his Imperial title and became a commoner on 14th October 1947 and adopted the surname of Asaka.
He was educated at the Gakushuin Peers' School and the Central Military Preparatory School, before graduating from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy on 27th May 1908; Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of infantry on 25th December 1908, promote d to Lieutenant in December 1910, Captain in August 1913, Major in July 1918, and Lieutenant-Colonel in August 1922. He undertook the study of military tactics at the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr in France from 1920 to 1923, afterwards pr omoted to the rank of Colonel in August 1925, Major General in December 1929 and Lieutenant General on 1st August 1933, and assumed command of the First Imperial Guards Division. In December 1935, he was appointed a member of the Supreme War Counc il, and later transferred to the Japanese Central China Area Army in China in 1937. He remained on the Supreme War Council until the end of the war in August 1945, and was was promoted to the rank of General in August 1939 but held no further mili tary commands. After the war ended, he and his son, were purged from holding any political or public office because they had been officers in the Imperial Japanese Army and his Art Deco mansion in Shirokanedai was seized by the government. He the n moved to Atami, south of Tokyo, where he spent his time playing golf and and in the 1950s, he was the architect of the Plateau Golf Course at the Dai-Hakone Country Club. He converted to Roman Catholicism on 18th December 1951, the first membe r of the Imperial Family to do so. He was awarded the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, the Order of the Rising Sun and the Order of the Golden Kite.


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