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HRH Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Kawananakoa

BORN : 26 MAR 1871, Koloa,Kauai,Hawaii
DIED : 7 JAN 1922, Waikiki,Oahu,Hawaii
BURIED : Royal Mausoleum,Honolulu,Oahu,Hawaii

FATHER : Ali'i nui David Kahalepouli Pi'ikoi [1845 - 1880]
MOTHER : Ali'i nui Victoria Kinoiki Kekaulike II [12 MAY 1843 - 8 JAN 1884]

PARTNER : Elizabeth Kahanu Kaleiwohi-Ka'auwai [8 MAR 1879 - 20 FEB 1932]
Union: 9 OCT 1896

He was given in adoption to Queen Kapiolani soon after birth; educated at the Royal School, at Punahou School in Honolulu, at St. Matthew's College in California and at the Royal Agricultural College in England before graduating from a business sc hool in England; he and his two brothers were granted the title of Prince in 1883, with the style of His Royal Highness and were declared successors to the throne; he served with the British Army in the Second Boer War 1899/1902; he was electe d to the U.S. Congress as the Republican delegate, serving from 4th March 1903 until his death; his most notable achievement during this period was the creation of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, which was signed by President Warren Harding in to law in 1921.


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