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Ali'i nui Keopuolani

BORN : ca 1778, Pahoehoe nr Wailuku,Maui
BAPTIZED : 16 SEP 1823
DIED : 16 SEP 1823, Kaluaokila,Lahaina,Maui

FATHER : Ali'i nui Kiwala'o [175X - JUL 1782]
MOTHER : Ali'i nui Keku'iapoiwa Liliha [ - 1815]

PARTNER 1 : HM King Kamehameha I [ca FEB-1748 - 8 MAY 1819]
Union: 1791

  1. HRH Prince Kauikeaouli [1795 - dy]
  2. HM King Kamehameha II [ca 1797 - 14 JUL 1824]
  3. HM King Kamehameha III [17 MAR 1813 - 15 DEC 1854]
  4. Ali'i nui Harriet Nahi'ena'ena [ca 1815 - 30 DEC 1836]

PARTNER 2 : Hon. Ali'i Ulumaheihei Hoapili [1776 - ca 1840]
Union: 1819

Her full name was Kalanikauika'alaneo Kai Keopuolani Ahu-I-Kekai Makuahine-a-Kama Kalani Kau-I-Kealaneo meaning The Princess of the Gathered Heavens and Blessed by the Sea; Mother of the House of Kama; Queen of the Countless Heavens; Bor n Without Stain.
She became the sacred wife of Kamehameha I and held the highest royal rank. After his death, she married his closest companion, Hoapili, who she retained, alone among her husbands after she rejected polygamy. She advised Kamehameha II to break th e ancient tabu in 1819, and was amongst the first Hawai'ian converts to Christianity, and she was baptized by Rev. William Ellis at Lahaina, an hour before her death. Mother of eleven children, but only three survived to adulthood.


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