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Ali'i nui Keouakuahu'ula

BORN : ca 1762
DIED : 1791, Kawaihae,Kohala,Hawaii

FATHER : Ali'i nui Kalani'opu'u [ca 1729 - APR 1782]
MOTHER : Ali'i nui Kaneikapolei

25th Mo'i of Hawai'i Island 1782/1791
4th Ali'i 'ai moku of Ka'u 1782/1791
9th and last Ali'i of Hilo 1790/1791
He became disaffected after his father's death in 1782, and joined his step-brother, Kiwala'o, against Kamehameha, but Kiwala'o was killed the same year. After a battle, the island of Hawai'i was held by three forces. Keaua took Ka'u and par t of Puna; Keawemauhili, the uncle of Keoua, kept Hilo and southern Hamakua, and Kamehameha held Kona, Kohala, and northern Hamakua. In 1790, Keoua killed his uncle and invaded northern Hawai'i while Kamehameha was fighting elsewhere. He conquere d Hilo and while returning to Ka'u, was caught in an explosive eruption of Kilauea in 1790 when some four hundred warriors and their families were killed by suffocation and falling rocks. After Kamehameha built his great heiau near Kawaiha e in the summer of 1791, only Keoua stood in the way of his domination of the Big Island. Fatalistically, Keoua came to the shore to discuss peace and was speared to death by Keeaumoku. His companions were also killed, Keoua was sacrificed on th e alter of Kukailimoku, and Kamehameha became master of the island of Hawai'i. He married at least once, to Ali'i nui Kaiolaniokaiwalani, and perhaps had two more wives, with several daughters and perhaps two sons.


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