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Ali'i nui Kiwala'o

BORN : 175X
DIED : JUL 1782, Mokuohai,Hawaii

FATHER : Ali'i nui Kalani'opu'u [ca 1729 - APR 1782]
MOTHER : Ali'i nui Kalola Pupuka-o-Honokawailani [ - ca 1790]

PARTNER : Ali'i nui Keku'iapoiwa Liliha [ - 1815]
Union: 1775

  1. Ali'i nui Keopuolani [ca 1778 - 16 SEP 1823]

Mo'i of Hawai'i Island [1781] - [xx.7.1782]
3rd Ali'i of Ka'u [xx.4.1782] - [xx.7.1782]
7th Ali'i-ai-moku of Kohala [xx.4.1782] - [xx.7.1782]
After his father's death, he received the greater part of his lands and the title to his throne, but Kamehameha was entrusted with the war god, Kukailimoku. Kiwala'o fought against the growing power of Kamehmeha and was joined by his step-brother , Keoua Kuahu'ula. Kiwala'o was killed at Ke'ei, Hawai'i, in battle against Kamehameha.


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