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Ali'i nui Keaweaheulu Kalua'apana

DIED : Aft 1791

FATHER : Ali'i Heulu
MOTHER : Ali'i nui Ikua'ana

PARTNER : Ali'i 'ai moku Ululaninui

  1. Ali'i Keoua Keahohiwa [ca 1775 - Aft 1834]
  2. Hon. Naihe [ - 29 DEC 1831]

Ali'i nui in Wai'anae on Oahu
He assisted Kamehameha in the overthrow of his cousin Kiwala'o, and then served as his strategist and general in his compaigns. In 1791, he helped Kamehameha in defeating Keoua Kuahu'ula, the Ali'i of Ka'u and Puna, by luring Keoua back to Kona an d Kawaihae, where he was treachorously killed as a sacrifice by Kamehameha, thus uniting the Big Island for the first time since the days of Keawe II.


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