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Ali'i Naihe Kukui

DIED : 8 FEB 1825, Valparaiso,Chile
BURIED : at sea

FATHER : Ali'i Hanakahi
MOTHER : Ali'i Pi'ipi'i

PARTNER 1 : Ali'i I-Kape'ekukai Moana-wahine

  1. HM Queen Kalama Hakaleleponi Kapakuhaili [ca 1817 - 20 SEP 1870]

PARTNER 2 : Ali'i I'ahu'ula

He was the royal harbour pilot at Honolulu during the time of Kamehameha I, and was commander of the Hawaiian native fleet. He accompanied Kamehameha II on his trip to London in 1823, and died in Valparaíso, Chile and was buried at sea. @S5@


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