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Ratu Sir Josefa Lalabalavu Vana'ali'ali Sukuna

BORN : 22 APR 1888, Bau,Fiji
Source : Deryck Scarr ; Ratu Sukuna : Soldier,Statesman,Man of Two Worlds ; Macmillan Education Ltd.,1980 N
DIED : 30 MAY 1958

FATHER : Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi [1859 - DEC 1920]
MOTHER : Adi Litiana Maopa [1864 - MAY 1933]

PARTNER 1 : Adi Lady Maraia Vosawale [17 MAR 1903 - 1 AUG 1956]
Union: 1928

PARTNER 2 : Adi Maca Likutabua [1934 - MAY 2000]
Union: 1950

2nd Tui Lau 1938/1958
K.B.E. [cr.1946], C.B.E. [cr.1939], in his time, he was regarded as a credible contender for the title of Tui Viti; he was educated privately by Rev. Charles Andrew, and at Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, he joined the civil servic e as a fifth class clerk in 1907, became assistant master of the Lakeba school and also became visiting examiner at Queen Victoria School and Levuka Public School in 1909; he entered Wadham College, Oxford in 1913 to study history, graduatin g in 1918; during World War I, he joined the French Foreign Legion being awarded the Croix de Guerre, after which he proceeded to the Middle Temple in London, and by 1921 had graduated with both a B.A. and an LL.B. degree (becoming the first-eve r Fijian to receive a university degree), he was instrumental in establishing the Native Land Trust Board, and was appointed the first Speaker of the Legislative Council in 1954.


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