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Heinrich Martin Emil Huch

BORN : 1860, Hamburg,Germany
DIED : 31 AUG 1927, Western Samoa

PARTNER : Sineva [1864 - 14 JUN 1900]

  1. Emily Huch
  2. Annie Huch

He arrived in Samoa as an enlisted man in the US Navy on the US 'Lackawana' in 1881. Upon his discharge, he returned to Samoa as a naturalized citizen of the US. He worked in Samoa as a trader for Ruge Hedemann and Co. in Falealili. In 1889 he mov ed to Apia with his wife and young family and started the Metropolitan Hotel and later the Central Hotel, but owing to the illness of his wife he relinquished that business and went into trading in Matafele. After his wife's death he remarrie d in 1905, to Nellie Lydia Coe, daughter of the late Jonas M. Coe, one time US Consul for Samoa. Mr Emil Huch was a man of sterling character, quiet, unassuming, hospitable and devoted to his family.


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