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Ro Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau

BORN : 1945

FATHER : Ratu George Cokanauto Tuisawau [1901 - 1961]
MOTHER : Adi Asenaca Vosailagi Makutu

PARTNER : Sailosi Wai Kepa [4 NOV 1938 - 1 MAR 2004]

Ai Turaga Roko Tui Dreketi and Paramount Chief of Burebasaga 2004/-
She is a former students' co-ordinator at the University of the South Pacific and principal of Corpus Christi College, she has served in the Fijian Cabinet in 2000, having joined the interim government of Prime Minister Qarase as Minister for Wome n, Culture, and Social Welfare; appointed Minister for Education in 2001/-, Chairperson of the Rewa Provincial Council in 2005 (May to August); elected to the executive board of UNESCO in October 2005.


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