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Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi

BORN : 1957

FATHER : Ratu Dr. Joni Antonio Rabici Doviverata [1906 - ]
MOTHER : Adi Losalini Raravuya Uluiviti

PARTNER : Adi Lusiana Paluvavau Qolikoro
Union: 5 DEC 1998, Bau,Fiji

Installed as Roko Tui Bau on 11th November 1995.
Vice President of Fiji 2004/2006
Educated at Adelaide University, Australia (Bachelor's Degree in Law) and at McGill University, Canada (Master's Degree in Law). Former Justice of the High Court 1997/2000. He served as director of Fiji Times Limited and as a trustee of the Fijia n Trust Fund. He is also a human rights commissioner and former chairman of the Citizens Constitutional Forum, a pro-democracy and human rights organization.


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