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Berhane Mangasha

FATHER : Ras Mangasha Yohannes [1865 - 29 DEC 1906]

Married Dejazmatch Haile Selassie Aba Gebel,and had issue.

  • 1. Yohannes Haile Selassie, he married and had issue.
    • i. Mangasha Yohannes
    • ii. Solomon Yohannes
    • iii. Hana Yohannes
    • iv. Dawit Yohannes
    • v. Lulit Yohannes
    • vi. Tinos Yohannes
  • Kefay Haile Selassie, she married General Nega Haile Selassie, and had issue.
    • i. Haile Selassie Nega
    • ii. Wendem Nega
    • iii. Delembora Nega
    • iv. Berhane Nega
  • Woizero Gebaynesh Haile Selassie, married General Merid Mangasha, born 1912, died 1966, and had issue.
    • i. Dachew Merid
    • ii. Enani Merid
    • iii. Monit Merid


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