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Ras Ali I Gwangul

DIED : 18 JUN 1788

FATHER : Ras Gwangul [ - 1777/1778]

PARTNER 1 : Untraced

  1. Woizero Altash Ali

PARTNER 2 : Woizero Altash Takla Giyorgis
Union: 1786

Ras of Begemder 1778/1788
He was appointed the title of Balambaras in August 1781 by Emperor Tekle Giyorgis I, in late 1783 or early 1784, together with Ras Haile Yosadiq, they conspired against the Emperor and defeated him at Afarwanat, forcing him into exile at Amba Sel . They brought Iyasu Atsequ from Wehni and made him Emperor on 18th February 1784, and in return, Ali was promoted to Dejazmach. He took further steps to consolidate his power, among which, was the betrothal of his niece, Woizerit Anqualit, to th e influential Dejazmach Hailu Eshte of Begemder as well as recalling Emperor Tekle Haymanot from exile in 1786 and restoring him to power. Subsequently he was promoted to Ras, but was soon forced to confront the forces of his former ally, Ras Hail e Yosadiq, defeating them at Easter time in 1788, shortly afterwards he died from an illness at Filakit Gereger, and was buried at Lalibela.


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