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Neak Ang Rajavong Sisowath Chea Virakpong

BORN : 8 APR 1984, Battambang,Cambodia

FATHER : Neak Ang Rajavong Sisowath Phyaravong [18 SEP 1953 - ]
MOTHER : Thong Savith [28 OCT 1958 - ]

I am the son of my Papa who is the member of Sisowath blood, he is Sisowath Phyaravong, born in 18 September 1953, Sangket 06 Phnom Penh, Cambodia. he is the son of Sisowath Rithiyavong, born in 1931-1975 during the Pol Pot regime and his mothe r is Phann Sokhom, born in 1931, later she became Madam Tech Monich after she got French indentify card, she is living in Paris. My father is residing in Cambodia with his family. Now I sugget to register his name and family in your list,whic h I khow from my uncle, who is staying in France Sisowath Sarakhena, already registered in your list. My Father's family are: my mother is Thong Savith, born in 1956 in Battembang Cambodia. First Child is Sisowath Rithyarong born in 1980. Secon d is Sisowath Rathanirasmey born in 1982.Third, I am Sisowath Chea Virakpong; born in 04, 08, 1984. the last is Sisowath Vong Malis; born on 11,November 1986; all of her childrend were born as where she was born:therefore, cound you register my fa mily in your list after you have research it trures as I asserted.


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