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Neak Ang Mechas Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong

BORN : 15 FEB 1970

FATHER : Neak Ang Mechas Sisowath Samyl Monipong [11 APR 1941 - ]
MOTHER : Neak Ang Mechas Norodom Daravadey [20 OCT 1941 - 16 FEB 2012]

Educated at Paris VII University, France (Master in British Literature), Account Manager for IBM France for 5 years, Account Manager for both Carlson Travel and Nouvelles Frontières for 4 years, Programme Officer for the United Nations in West Af rica and Italy since 1999.
Author of "Désirs", "Après la pluie", "Darling, I love you...", "La Légende de Rajasey", (a fairy tale inspired from Old Khmer legends). Co-Author of "État Present de la Maison Royale du Cambodge", (Courbevoie,1994)


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