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Neak Ang Mechas Sisowath Samyl Monipong

BORN : 11 APR 1941

FATHER : Samdech Krom Luong Sisowath Monipong [20 AUG 1912 - 31 AUG 1956]
MOTHER : Neak Moneang Andrée Lambert [1917 - 1978]

PARTNER : Neak Ang Mechas Norodom Daravadey [20 OCT 1941 - 16 FEB 2012]
Union: 9 JAN 1967

  1. Neak Ang Mechas Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong [15 FEB 1970 - ]
  2. Neak Ang Mechas Sisowath Ubbolvadey Monipong [13 MAR 1973 - ]

Served in the Cambodian Air Force 1960/1970, as a pilot with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; he became the Defense Attaché in Paris, serving 1970/1975; after the fall of Phnom-Penh, he worked as Executive Manager in France in various French and Ge rman cities 1976/1988; he is serving as Cross Cultural Consultant (Europe, Russia, Brazil, China and South East Asia) from 1988 till present; Coach and Management adviser with large international companies; he has authored an autobiographical nove l which reports the discovery of the Khmer country and Asia by a teenager who will become a young pilot, which is presently (2007) in the course of publication: Voyage to the Kingdom of the Panther Longibande


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