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Umuganwa mwezi Henri Kana

BORN : 1929
DIED : aft JUL-2002

FATHER : Umuganwa mwezi Mbonabuca

PARTNER : A. Nzeyimana

  1. Umuganwa mwezi Joseph Kana
  2. Umuganwa mwezi Jean Kana
  3. Umuganwa mwezi Edouard Kana
  4. Umuganwakazi mwezi Jeanne Kana
  5. Umuganwa mwezi Louis Kana
  6. Umuganwakazi mwezi Esperance Kana
  7. Umuganwakazi mwezi Claude Kana

Conseil Superieur du Pays, Minister of Justice and Governor of Gitega Province.


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