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Sao Athinkhaya of Myinsaing

BORN : ca 1261
DIED : 13 APR 1310, Myinsaing,Burma

FATHER : Sao Theinkhabo

Viceroy of Myinsaing [19.2.1293] - [17.12.1297] and 1st Co-Regent of Myinsaing [17.12.1297] - [13.4.1310], born about 1261 in Myinsaing, the eldest of three brothers, he was a co-founder of Myinsaing Kingdom in today's central Burma, he and his br others ruled as co-regents from their respective capitals in Kyaukse district, all three entered King Narathihapate 's service in the waning days of Pagan and after a few years, they received minor titles of nobility and were appointed joint comma nders of the garrison at Myinsaing, their hometown; after the fall of Pagan in 1287, they gained control of central Burma so that by February 1293, they were formally recognized by the king as lords of Kyaukse; in 1298, they forced the nominal kin g of Pagan, Kyawswa, to abdicate the throne, and they ruled as co-regents from their respective palaces in Myinsaing, Mekkara and Pinle; they successfully fought off another (and final) invasion by the Mongols in 1301 who sought to restore Kyawswa ; after the Mongols also vacated their Upper Burma base of Tagaung in 1303, all of central Burma came under their rule; he was killed by poisoning by his ambitious youngest brother, Thihathu, on 13th April 1310 in Myinsaing.


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