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Prince Kyawswa of Pagan

BORN : 2 AUG 1260, Pagan,Burma
DIED : 10 MAY 1299, Myinsaing,Burma

FATHER : King Narathihapate of Pagan [23 APR 1238 - DEC 1287]

PARTNER : Princess Mi Saw U of Pagan [ - 1324]
Union: ca 1287

  1. Prince Sawhnit of Pagan [1288? - 1325]
  2. Prince Kumara Kassapa of Pagan [ - aft APR-1301]
  3. Min (Prince) Shin Saw of Pagan
  4. King Uzana I of Pinya [ca MAR-1299 - 1356]

Governor of Dala -/1287, he initially consolidated his rule in Lower Burma (except Tenasserim) before being elected as Vassal King of Pagan [30.12.1289] - [17.12.1297], however he had little power beyond the boundaries of the city of Pagan, he wa s forced to recognize the three Shan brothers as Viceroys of Kyaukse district, and who became increasingly like sovereign rulers, for protection he appealed to the Mongols to recognize him as vassal king of Pagan, which was given to him along wit h a Chinese title on 20th March 1297, however he was overthrown on 17th December 1297 by the Three Shan Brothers and forced to become a monk in a monastery where he later died.


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