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King Narathihapate of Pagan

BORN : 23 APR 1238
DIED : DEC 1287

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. Prince Uzana of Pagan [ - 1287]
  2. Prince Thihathu of Pagan [ - 1287]
  3. Prince Kyawswa of Pagan [2 AUG 1260 - 10 MAY 1299]
  4. Princess Mi Saw U of Pagan [ - 1324]

Last sovereign King of Pagan [xx.5.1256] [xx.12.1287], he was quick-tempered, arrogant, ruthless and inexperienced; he was unable to quell rebellions in Arakan and Tenasserim, he was incompetent in handling domestic and foreign affairs and faile d to stop the drain on the Kingdom's treasury due to an increase in the growth of tax-free religious landholdings; in 1277, the Mongol rulers of China sent an army against Burma, which was defeated in the Battle of Ngasaunggyan, fighting continue d sporadically over the remaining years of the Pagan Kingdom, until 1287 when his son forced him to take poison; after his death, the country broke apart into multiple kingdoms.


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