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King Minyedaikpa of Tungoo

BORN : 1608, Pegu,Burma
DIED : 25 NOV 1629, Pegu,Burma

FATHER : King Anaukpetlun of Tungoo [ca MAY-1578 - 9 JUL 1628]
MOTHER : Lady Khin Myo Myat

7th King of Burma [9.7.1628] - [19.8.1629]
He never had any control beyond Pegu, the kingdom's capital, his uncles controlled Upper Burma, much of Lower Burma rebelled against his rule; in 1629, Thalun marched down from Ava to reconquer Lower Burma and in August later that same year, th e king was seized by the Commander of Palace Guards, and sent to Thalun, who had him executed on 25th November 1629 in Pegu.


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