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King Sawathi Noratra Mangsosi of Lanna

DIED : 1607

FATHER : King Bayinnaung of Tungoo [13 FEB 1516 - NOV 1581]

PARTNER : Queen Hsinbyushin Medaw of Prome [155X - 1601/1602]
Union: 27 FEB 1574

  1. King Thado Minsaw of Lanna [1579 - ]

18th King of Lan Na 1578/1607, born as Prince Mintha Sit, son of King Bayinnaung, 3rd King of Burma (Tungoo), married 27th February 1574, Lady Hsinbyushin Medaw, Queen of Lan Na 1579/1602, born 155x in Prome, died 1601/1602 in Chiang Mai, daughte r of Lord Thado Dhamma Yaza II, Viceroy of Prome, and his chief wife, Queen Salin Mibaya, and had issue, three sons and one daughter. He died 1607.


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