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Shin Myo Myat

BORN : 149X
DIED : 152X

PARTNER : Lord Mingyi Swe

  1. Queen Dhamma Dewi (Khin Hpone Soe) [1514/1515 - 158X]
  2. King Bayinnaung of Tungoo [13 FEB 1516 - NOV 1581]
  3. Lord Minye Sithu [ - 1556]
  4. Lord Thado Dhamma Yaza II of Prome [152X - ca DEC-1588]

She was the daughter of Kywe Sit Min, a commoner. She and her husband Mingyi Swe were hired in 1516, to the household staff to be responsible for the royal infant Tabinshwehti.


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