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King Saw E of Hanthawaddy

BORN : APR 1304
DIED : MAR 1331

FATHER : King Saw O of Hanthawaddy [1284 - OCT 1324]
MOTHER : Princess May Hnin Htapi of Sukhothai

PARTNER : Princess Hnin An Po (Queen Sanda Min Hla) of Hanthawaddy [ - 1363]
Union: FEB 1331

6th King of Hanthawaddy Pegu [xx.2.1331] - [xx.3.1331] (49 days), grandson of the King of Sukhothai, he was placed on the throne by Queen Sanda Min Hla, who made herself the Chief Queen, but she poisoned her husband after seven weeks as he was spe nding too much time with his concubines.


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