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Princess Hnin An Po (Queen Sanda Min Hla) of Hanthawaddy

DIED : 1363

FATHER : King Hkun Law of Hanthawaddy [ - 1311]
MOTHER : Princess Hnin U Yaing [126X - 132X]

PARTNER 1 : King Saw Zein of Hanthawaddy [MAY 1303 - FEB 1331]

PARTNER 2 : King Saw E of Hanthawaddy [APR 1304 - MAR 1331]
Union: FEB 1331

PARTNER 3 : King Binnya E Law of Hanthawaddy [APR 1307 - 1348]

She later became Queen Sanda Min Hla, Queen Consort of Hanthawaddy 1324/1348, she became the power behind the throne after the death of her first husband, when former court official, Zein Pun, seized the throne, she led the palace coup, and place d Saw E, nephew of Saw Zein and grandson of the king of Sukhothai, on the throne, who she later poisoned to death, thus incurring the anger of the King of Sukhothai, who sent an army against Hanthawaddy and was defeated.


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