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King Wareru of Hanthawaddy

BORN : APR 1252, Thaton,Burma
DIED : FEB 1307, Martaban,Burma

FATHER : "Shan commoner"
MOTHER : "Mon wife"

1st King of Hanthawaddy Pegu [xx.12.1287] - [xx.2.1307], Lord of Martaban 1281/1287; he was the founder of the Ramanya Kingdom located in today's Lower Burma; early in his career, he became a merchant travelling between Martaban and Sukhothai, lat er in the 1270s, he entered the service in the elephant stables of King Rama Khamheng of Sukhothai, and rose to become the Captain of the Palace Guards, he eloped with one of Rama Khamheng's daughters, and fled Sukhothai with a few dozen followers ; he had his sister marry Aleimma, the Governor of Martaban, and who was promptly killed after the wedding; enabling Wareru to become the new Governor; in late 1287, the Mongols sacked Pagan, and authority collapsed throughout the Kingdom, he mad e an alliance with Tarabya, the governor of Pegu, and their southern forces together defeated the northern forces led by Yazathingyan, who later became a co-founder of Myinsaing Kingdom, and proceeded to conquer the whole of Lower Burma, the tw o allies quarrelled, Tarabya was captured and killed and he then took this opportunity to declare himself independent; he secured his kingdom's van by sending a nominal tribute to his father-in-law, the king of Sukhothai, from whom he received bot h royal recognition and the gift of a white elephant in 1294; he is responsible for the Dhammathat, (also known as Code of Wareru), the earliest surviving law book in Burma.


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