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King Saw Zein of Hanthawaddy

BORN : MAY 1303
DIED : FEB 1331, Prome,Burma

FATHER : Prince Min Bala
MOTHER : Princess Hnin U Yaing [126X - 132X]

PARTNER 1 : Untraced

  1. King Binnya U of Hanthawaddy [1323 - FEB 1384]
  2. Prince Min Linka of Hanthawaddy [ - ca 1366]
  3. Prince Laukpya of Hanthawaddy [ - 1389]

PARTNER 2 : Princess Hnin An Po (Queen Sanda Min Hla) of Hanthawaddy [ - 1363]

PARTNER 3 : Princess May Hnin Htapi of Sukhothai

4th King of Hanthawaddy Pegu [xx.10.1324] - [xx.2.1331], crowned in October 1324; he moved the capital to Pegu in 1324; he lost the southern territories of Tenasserim coast back to his nominal overlord Sukhothai, and looked to expand his territor y northwards; at Pegu, he consolidated his hold over the Irrawaddy delta but was killed in his attempt on Prome in the North.


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