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King Saw O of Hanthawaddy

BORN : 1284
DIED : OCT 1324

FATHER : Prince Min Bala
MOTHER : Princess Hnin U Yaing [126X - 132X]

PARTNER : Princess May Hnin Htapi of Sukhothai

  1. King Saw E of Hanthawaddy [APR 1304 - MAR 1331]

3rd King of Hanthawaddy Pegu [xx.3.1311] - [xx.10.1324], he was crowned in April 1311, at his accession, Hanthawady was a nominal vassal of Sukhothai, but as their power declined, he took possession of the Tenasserim coast from his nominal overlor d, thereafter his reign was largely peaceful and prosperous, and the kingdom's northern frontier was quiet.


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