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Prince Natshinnaung of Tungoo

BORN : 1578
DIED : APR 1613

FATHER : Prince Minye Thihathu of Tungoo [ - JUL 1609]
MOTHER : Lady Khin Saw

King of Tungoo [xx.7.1609] - [xx.11.1610], Crown Prince of Tungoo [1602] - [xx.7.1609], he was a noted poet and an accomplished musician, as well as an able military commander; he took part in King Nanda's campaigns to reconquer Siam in the earl y 1590's, and took part in his father's sacking of Nanda's capital Pegu in 1599; in November 1610, King Anaukpetlun attacked Tungoo and succeeded in taking it, after which he was appointed Viceroy of Tungoo; he tried to incite the Portuguese rule r of Thanlyin to attack Tungoo, but it failed and in retaliation, Thanlyin was itself attacked and captured in April 1613; he converted to Roman Catholicism and was baptized by a priest from Goa in the last days of the siege of Thanlyin.


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