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King Mahadhammaraza Dipadi of Tungoo

BORN : JUL 1714, Ava,Burma
DIED : 13 OCT 1754

FATHER : King Taninganway of Tungoo [ca JULY-1689 - 12 DEC 1733]
MOTHER : Queen Thiri Maha Mingala Dewi

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. HM Queen Alenandaw Mibura (Min Shwei Gya) of Tungoo

15th King of Burma [23.11.1733] - [23.3.1752]
Crown Prince of Burma [6.5.1727] - [23.11.1733]
He was selected by a group of nobles in preference to older Princes after his fathers death in 1733; he was granted Singu in fief when younger; his inexperience hastened the long standing decline of the Tungoo Dynasty's hold over the Kingdom of Bu rma; his troubles started immediately with an invasion of Burmese territory by the forces of the Raja of Manipur, they were repulsed but returned in 1735 and again repulsed; later a Burmese Governor rebelled and proclaimed himself King of Peg u in 1740, but the Mon people rioted and killed the new king as well as some Burmese officials in Pegu; the King then ordered a massacre of the Mons at Pegu, the Gwe Shans took this opportunity to stage their own rebellion, and with the suppor t of the Mons they took Pegu later that same year (1740), a Shan monk was proclaimed King of Pegu and under the order of the Mons, tried to capture Ava and Prome, but failed, though they captured Tungoo itself; Prome eventually fell to the Mon s in 1745 but they again failed in their attempt on Ava; a stalemate ensued until 1751, until the Shan Crown Prince of Pegu, led Mon and Shan armies against Sagaing and Ava, finally falling to the Mons in 1752; the King was taken as captive to Peg u where he was executed two years later due to a suspected rebellion.


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