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King Taninganway of Tungoo

BORN : ca JULY-1689
DIED : 12 DEC 1733

FATHER : King Sanay of Tungoo [APR 1673 - 12 SEP 1714]
MOTHER : Queen Maha Dewi

PARTNER : Queen Thiri Maha Mingala Dewi

  1. King Mahadhammaraza Dipadi of Tungoo [JUL 1714 - 13 OCT 1754]

14th King of Burma [12.9.1714] - [12.12.1733]
Crown Prince of Burma [1.11.1711] - [12.9.1714]
The long decline of the Tungoo dynasty accelerated under his reign; he immediately faced a rebellion by his uncle, the Governor of Pagan; in the east, the kingdom of Chiang Mai, which had been under Burmese rule since 1558, successfully revolte d in 1725, a Burmese army sent to recapture the breakaway region was driven out, in the northwest, Manipuri horsemen began raids into Burmese territory, easily evading the Burmese forces sent to drive them out.


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