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King Minyekyawdin of Tungoo

BORN : APR 1651
DIED : 4 MAY 1698, Ava,Burma

FATHER : Prince Ne Myo Ye Kyaw of Pindale
MOTHER : Princess Khin Ma Min Sit of Tungoo

PARTNER : Princess Khin Ma Shwe San Oo (Queen Sanda Dewi)

  1. King Sanay of Tungoo [APR 1673 - 12 SEP 1714]

12th King of Burma [27.2.1673] - [4.5.1698]
Governor of Pindale 166x/1673, he was elected by the ministers of the court in preference to several older princes, this resulted in the group of nobles that had supported the king in gaining power; the fortunes of the kingdom gradually decline d during his quarter-century rule and towards the end of his reign, he had lost many outlying areas, including Kabaw valley to the Manipuris.


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