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King Pindale of Tungoo

BORN : 23 MAR 1608
DIED : 3 JUN 1661, Chindwin River,Burma

FATHER : King Thalun of Tungoo [17 JUN 1584 - 27 AUG 1648]
MOTHER : Queen Khin Myo Sit

PARTNER : Queen Sandadewi Atula [ - 3 JUN 1661]

  1. Prince Minye Theikha Thu of Tungoo [ - 3 JUN 1661]

King of Burma [27.8.1648] - [3.6.1661]
Crown Prince of Burma [18.8.1647] - [27.8.1648]
His ineffectual reign was the beginning of the gradual decline of the Tungoo dynasty over the next century; the Southern Ming Emperor established himself at Kunming in Yunnan and extracted tributes from Chiang Hung, an attempt by Pindale to ous t the Chinese failed, though they were eventually driven out of Yunnan; a request for asylum was granted with the Ming Emperor being granted a residence at Sagaing along with his officials, however the rival Qing Emperor, promptly amassed his troo ps into Burma in order to capture the last Ming prince, the Kingdom of Ava was largely plundered, with farms burnt resulting in a famine for which Pindale lost popularity enabling hjis brother to stage a coup and take the throne.


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