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King Anaukpetlun of Tungoo

BORN : ca MAY-1578
DIED : 9 JUL 1628

FATHER : King Tharawaddy of Tungoo [1557 - 3 MAR 1606]
MOTHER : Queen Khin Hpone Myat of Tungoo

PARTNER : Lady Khin Myo Myat

  1. King Minyedaikpa of Tungoo [1608 - 25 NOV 1629]

6th King of Burma [3.3.1606] - [9.7.1628]
Crown Prince of Burma [25.2.1600] - [3.3.1606]
He was largely responsible for restoring the Burmese kingdom after it had collapsed at the end of the 16th century and completed the reunification efforts begun by his father; having inherited primarily only Upper Burma and the Shan States, he pr oceeded to conquer Lanna in the east, Lower Burma in the south, from rival Burmese factions and the Portuguese, as well as the Upper Tenasserim from the Siamese; he decided to make Pegu the capital of his dominions in 1617, so he crowned himsel f as the King of Pegu in that year.


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