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King Nandabayin of Tungoo

BORN : 9 NOV 1535
DIED : 30 NOV 1600

FATHER : King Bayinnaung of Tungoo [13 FEB 1516 - NOV 1581]
MOTHER : Mahayazadewi (Queen) Atulathiri of Tungoo

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. Crown Prince Mingyi Swa of Tungoo [ - 1592]
  2. Crown Prince Minyekyawswa I of Tungoo [ - Aft 1592]
  3. Prince Mong Saw Pru of Bohmong

King of Burma [9.11.1581] - [19.12.1599]
Crown Prince of Burma [11.1.1551] - [9.11.1581]
He took part in battles against Lanna and Vientiane in 1565 and against Ayutthaya in 1564 and 1569; in 1584, he sent his armies into Siam led by the crown prince Mingyi Swa to subjugate the country, but failed, he tried again in 1586, equally with out success and in 1590, he marched into Siam again with Mingyi Swa in the vanguard, but the crown prince was again defeated by the Siamese, in 1592, he mustered all available forces at his disposal aganist the Siamese, but the crown prince was ki lled, in 1594, the Siamese and Mon rebels, marched towards Pegu and laid siege to the city but then retreated, in 1595, his son, the viceroy of Prome, led a huge rebellion taking Tungoo and a large northern portion of the kingdom, proclaiming hims elf as an independent king; tiring of the rebellions and defeats suffered, he abdicated the throne in favour of King of Tungoo in 1599 and was placed in captivity in Tungoo where he was assassinated by Natshinnaung a year later.


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