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King Tabinshwehti of Tungoo

BORN : MAY 1512
DIED : MAY 1550

FATHER : King Minkyinyo of Tungoo [1459 - JAN 1531]
MOTHER : Yazadewi (Queen) Khin Oo

King of Burma and Tungoo [xx.1.1531] - [xx.5.1550]
He overcame the defences of Pegu in 1538, and occupied the capital of the Mon kingdom; he unified Burma in 1539 and was the founder of the Second Burmese Empire; he moved his capital from Tungoo to Pegu in 1539; he later in 1541 turned his attenti on to Prome and after a long siege, the city fell; in 1545 he took Pagan and Salin and then attacked Arakan and Ayutthaya with limited successs; he returned to his capital and there, he was assasinated by Mon members of his own court.


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