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General Prince Sithu Kyawhtin of Tungoo

DIED : 1481

PARTNER 1 : Untraced

  1. Princess Min Hla Nyet of Tungoo

PARTNER 2 : Princess Min Hla Htut of Tungoo

  1. Prince Min Sithu of Tungoo [ - JAN 1486]

Governor of Tungoo 1470/1481, in 1470, he was ordered by King Thihathura of Ava to put down a rebellion by Tungoo in an alliance with Hanthawaddy Pegu Kingdom, in which he was successful and he was left in charge of Tungoo; when the King of Ava di ed in 1481, the new king was beset by rebellions by two of his brothers, and General Sithu Kyawhtin was ordered to attack Yamethin, he engaged the troops and was successful in the first battle but he was defeated and killed in a second battle.


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