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King Minkyinyo of Tungoo

BORN : 1459, Ava,Burma
DIED : JAN 1531

FATHER : Prince Maha Thinkhaya of Pinya
MOTHER : Princess Min Hla Nyet of Tungoo

PARTNER 1 : Queen Soe Min of Tungoo
Union: JAN 1486

PARTNER 2 : Princess (Sanda Dewi) of Ava
Union: 1503

PARTNER 3 : Yazadewi (Queen) Khin Oo

  1. King Tabinshwehti of Tungoo [MAY 1512 - MAY 1550]

PARTNER 4 : Untraced

  1. Mahayazadewi (Queen) Atulathiri of Tungoo

1st King of Tungoo [16.10.1510] - [xx.1.1531]
Viceroy of Tungoo [xx.1.1486] - [xx.10.1510], under his 45-year leadership, Tungoo grew from a remote vassal state of Ava Kingdom to a small but stable independent kingdom; in January 1486, he murdered his uncle and seized the Governorship of Tung oo, he was recognized as Governor by the King of Ava, who was facing a rebellion by his brother, and solicited the help of Tungoo in controlling it; he styled himself as Thiri Zeya Thura, after receiving recognition (from Hanthawaddy and Lan Na ) and tribute (from the Karenni); in 1491 he built a new fortified city called Dwayawaddy (still near Toungoo), at the estuary of the rivers Kabaung and Paunglaung; he attacked Hanthawaddy who retaliated and laid siege to the new city only partial ly successfully; his title was enhanced to Maha Thiri Zeya Thura by the King of Ava, for surviving the Hanthawaddy attack; he remained nominally loyal to Ava, but did not provide help in their war against invading Shan forces and actively supporte d the rebellion of the princes of Nyaungyan and Prome, further successes led him to formally declare his independence on 16th October 1510 and he thereafter managed to keep the new kingdom out of trouble


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