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King Bayinnaung of Tungoo

BORN : 13 FEB 1516
DIED : NOV 1581, Pegu,Burma

FATHER : Prince Mingyiswe
MOTHER : Princess Shin Myo Myat

PARTNER 1 : Mahayazadewi (Queen) Atulathiri of Tungoo

  1. King Nandabayin of Tungoo [9 NOV 1535 - 30 NOV 1600]

PARTNER 2 : Sandadewi (Queen) Thiri Hponhtut of Prome

PARTNER 3 : Lady Khin Pyezon

  1. King Tharawaddy of Tungoo [1557 - 3 MAR 1606]

PARTNER 4 : Untraced

  1. Prince Minye Thihathu of Tungoo [ - JUL 1609]
  2. Queen Khin Hpone Myat of Tungoo
  3. Prince Nawrahta Minsaw of Tungoo

3rd King of Burma [11.1.1551] - [xx.11.1581]
Crown Prince of Burma [xx.1.1531] - [xx.5.1550]
He was crowned King on 12th January 1554, he launched a campaign of conquest, including Manipur (1560) and Ayutthaya (1569) and made Taungoo the most powerful state in Southeast Asia, he had extended his borders from Laos to Ayutthaya, near Bangko k, although his greatest legacy was the integration of the Shan States into the Irrawaddy-valley-based Burmese kingdoms, which eliminated the threat of Shan raids into Upper Burma, an ongoing concern to Upper Burma since the late 13th century.


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