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King Minkhaung of Prome

DIED : 1553, Tungoo,Burma

FATHER : King Bayin Htwe of Prome [ - 1533]

PARTNER : Sandadewi (Queen) Thiri Hponhtut of Prome

4th and last King of Prome 1539/1542, he expected another attack by Tungoo troops and reinforced his city of Prome and hired mercenaries as well, in late 1541, Tungoo troops again laid siege to Prome, but this time, Prome and its allies were defea ted by General Bayinnaung, after a five months' siege, starvation set in and in May 1542, Minkhaung surrendered, he was and his Queen were taken to Tungoo, where he remained under house arrest until he was executed by Bayinnaung in 1553


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