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King Narapati of Prome

DIED : 1539, Prome,Burma

FATHER : King Bayin Htwe of Prome [ - 1533]

PARTNER : Princess (name unknown) of Hanthawaddy

3rd King of Prome 1533/1539, he remained nominally a vassal of the Shan Confederation which controlled Ava; he became involved in the Toungoo-Hanthawaddy War 1535/1541 as he was an ally of King Takayutpi of Hanthawaddy and was married to his siste r; when Tungoo troops attacked a heavily fortified Prome, Narapati asked for help from the Confederation in Ava who broke the siege; later he formed an alliance with the Mrauk U kingdom but died shortly afterwards


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