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King Bayin Htwe of Prome

DIED : 1533, Prome,Burma

FATHER : King Thado Minsaw of Prome [ - 1527]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. King Narapati of Prome [ - 1539]
  2. King Minkhaung of Prome [ - 1553]
  3. Princess (name unknown) of Prome

2nd King of Prome 1527/1533, he soon incurred the wrath of Sawlon, the leader of the Confederation of Shan States because he did not send sufficient help in their war against Ava, in 1533, Sawlon and his armies, which had conquered Ava in 1527, ca me down to Prome, and took Bayin Htwe as captive back to Upper Burma, on their way, Sawlon was assassinated by his ministers, and Bayin Htwe escaped, he returned to Prome where his son had proclaimed himself king with the title of Narapati, his so n shut the gates against his father who soon afterwards died in the adjoining forests.


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