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King Shwenankyawshin Narapati II of Ava

BORN : 1477
DIED : APR 1527

FATHER : King Minkhaung II of Ava [ - APR 1502]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. Princess (Sanda Dewi) of Ava

13th and last sovereign King of Ava [xx.4.1502] - [xx.4.1527], Crown Prince of Burma [xx.3.1502] - [xx.4.1502], Ava was subjected to a barrage of attacks by a confederation of Shan States and their ally, Prome, losing much territory in the process , an attempt by Narapati to form an alliance with Tungoo failed, and further attacks in 1524 and 1527, resulted in the death of Narapati on the battlefield and the appointment of a Shan Prince as the King of Ava


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