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King Minkhaung II of Ava

DIED : APR 1502

FATHER : King Thihathura of Ava [1431 - SEP 1481]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. Crown Prince Maha Thihathura II of Ava [1474/1475 - MAR 1502]
  2. King Shwenankyawshin Narapati II of Ava [1477 - APR 1527]

12th King of Ava [xx.9.1481] - [xx.4.1502], Crown Prince of Burma as Dabayin Min [xx.7.1469] [xx.9.1481]; his younger brothers rebelled against him after the death of their father; he ordered Sithu Kyawhtin, the former general and viceroy of Tu ngoo, to attack Yamethin, from the south, while he marched from the north, but the offensive was unsuccessful and General Sithu Kyawhtin died in battle, after which, King Minkhaung called off the attack at the end of a two-month-long siege; in 148 2, his uncle declared himself independent in Prome and remained secure against the King's army; in the same year the Shan states of Mohnyin and Momeik broke away and by the 1490's, Kale, and Mogaung also escaped Ava's control.


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