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King Thado Minsaw of Prome

DIED : 1527, Prome,Burma

FATHER : King Narapati I of Ava [ - JUL 1469]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. King Bayin Htwe of Prome [ - 1533]

1st King of Prome 1482/1527, Governor of Tharrawaddy to 1482 when he proclaimed independence from Ava in 1482; the King of Ava sent an army against Prome but it was unsuccessful and retreated, rebellions in Ava occupied for nearly two decades leav ing Prome with territories up to Tharrawaddy and Myede; after staying out of fighting Ava for a lengthy period, he forged an alliance in the 1520's with the Shan Confederation and together they attacked, defeated and looted Ava.


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