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King Narapati I of Ava

DIED : JUL 1469, Prome,Burma

FATHER : King Mohnyinthado of Ava [1390/1391 - FEB 1440]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. King Thihathura of Ava [1431 - SEP 1481]
  2. Prince Mingyi Swa of Ava [ - 1482]
  3. King Thado Minsaw of Prome [ - 1527]

10th King of Ava [xx.1.1443] - [xx.7.1469], born 1413, Crown Prince of Burma [xx.2.1440] - [xx.1.1443], Governor of Prome 1429/1443; in the early years of his reign, he was forced to deal with raids from the Shan State of Mogaung as well as the Mi ng Chinese intrusions in 1444 to 1446, he was able to maintain Ava's control of northern Shan States of Kale and Mohnyin, and gained the allegiance of Hsipaw; he had to deal with with Tungoo which was in revolt between 1451 and 1458, and survive d an assasination attempt by a grandson in June 1468; married and had issue. He died in July 1469 in Prome.


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