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King Binnya Ran I of Hanthawaddy

BORN : 1395
DIED : 1446

FATHER : King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy [FEB 1368 - 1422]
MOTHER : Queen Thuddhamaya of Dala

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. King Leik Munhtaw of Hanthawaddy [ - NOV 1453]
  2. Prince Minsaw of Hanthawaddy [ - Aft 1438]

11th King of Hanthawaddy Pegu 1426/1446, Crown Prince 1422/1426 and Governor of Bassein, as crown prince, he ended the Forty Years' War with the rival Ava Kingdom in 1423 by presenting his sister to King Thihathu of Ava; he came to the throne afte r poisoning his brother in 1426; he largely kept his kingdom at peace for much of his reign by following an opportunistic policy to keep Ava weak, by helping Toungoo's rebellion against Ava between 1437 and 1442, and not helping Ava in their battl es with the Shan Kingdoms.


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