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King Thihathu of Ava

BORN : 1395/1396
DIED : AUG 1426

FATHER : King Minkhaung I of Ava [1373 - FEB 1422]
MOTHER : Queen Shin Mi Nauk of Ava [ca 1374 - ]

PARTNER 1 : Princess Saw Minhla of Ava
Union: ca MAR-1417

  1. King Minhlange of Ava [1418 - NOV 1426]

PARTNER 2 : Queen Shin Bo Me of Ava [1386 - JUN 1427]
Union: ca 1422

PARTNER 3 : Princess Viharadevi (Queen Shin Sawbu) of Hanthawaddy [MAR 1394 - 1472]
Union: 1423

Governor of Prome 1416/1419, Crown Prince of Burma 1419/1422; while in his 20's he took part in various campaigns with his elder brother; he became Heir Apparent in 1419 after his brothers death and it was during his reign that the Forty Years' Wa r (1385-1424) between Ava and Hanthawaddy Pegu kingdoms came to a formal close as a result of his direct mediation; Shan raids still continued, and in one raid by the Shan of Thibaw, he was killed; married (a), about 1417, Princess Saw Minhla, for mer wife of his elder brother, married (b) (div.), Min Hla Htut, took up the religious life after her divorce, married (c), about 1422, Chief Queen Shin Bo Me, previously married to his father, married (d), 1423, Queen Shin Sawbu, born in March 13 94, died 1472, Queen Regnant of Hanthawaddy 1453/1472, daughter of King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy, and his wife, Queen Thuddhamaya of Dala, and had issue. He was killed in an ambush engineered by Shin Bo Me and her lover, Prince (later King) Kal e Kyetaungnyo, in August 1426.


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