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Crown Prince Minyekyawswa of Ava

BORN : ca SEP-1391
DIED : 13 MAR 1417

FATHER : King Minkhaung I of Ava [1373 - FEB 1422]
MOTHER : Queen Shin Mi Nauk of Ava [ca 1374 - ]

PARTNER : Princess Saw Minhla of Ava

  1. Prince Minnge Kyawhtin of Ava

Crown Prince of Ava [xx.2.1407] - [13.3.1417], Governor of Prome 1416/1417 and Commander-in-Chief of the army of Ava from 1410 to 1417
His military career started at the age of 13 in December 1404 when King Razadarit of Hanthawaddy Pegu broke the truce in place since 1391, and invaded the upcountry with a massive flotilla, peace was resumed in February 1406 with another truce, tw o years later he was allowed to lead the invasion of Arakan, defeating the Arakanese at their capital, Launggyet, forcing their King to flee to Bengal, however King Razdarit invaded Arakan in about April 1407, killed the puppet king and married th e widow (his younger sister, Princess Saw Pye Chantha), he and his father invaded Arakan in May but were defeated; in 1408, his father sent him against Shan raiders from the Shan state of Theinni, and repelled their attacks, next year his fathe r attacked Pegu but was eventually routed by the forces of King Razdarit, who captured his father's Chief Queen (and his own mother) and made her his (Razdarit's) Queen, as a result of the defeat his father handed over control over the entire arm y to him and he became Commander-in-Chief at age 19, in 1410 he led a force to the Irrawaddy Delta but was defeated there, he invaded Arakan in 1412 and installed a puppet ruler, he attacked the Shan state of Hsenwi in November 1412, but could no t take the city, a Chinese army coming to life the siege were attacked and defeated in March 1413, Hanthawaddy forces retook Arakan and marched on to Prome, where the Hanthawaddy General was killed and their forces retreated; he invaded the delt a in full force in February 1414, forcing King Razdarit to flee to Martaban; he was wounded in battle at Dala and captured by Hanthawaddy troops and died shortly afterwards.


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